Learn The 4 Core Principles Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a traditional approach to health and wellness that has been around for thousands of years.

Learn the 4 Core Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Unlike Western medication that treats the illness specifically, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a more preventive approach to health and aims to nurture the body from the inside out.

It is based on the concept of qi, the vital life force that runs through our body. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that any blockages and imbalances to the qi energy are the main cause of disease and illnesses.

Learn the 4 Core Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The human body is all connected

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the mind, body and spirit is are interlinked. Every organ in the body is linked to each other by a network of nerves. Each organ serves a specific purpose. Ideally, qi energies are balanced and flows through the body smoothly. However when there is an imbalance in the body, the whole system is affected.

Learn the 4 Core Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The impact our external environment has on the human body

It’s no secret that our environment plays a huge influence on our bodies. Our bodies react differently to each changing season and weather. For example, it is easy for most people to get a heat rash in the summer when the weather is hot. As we transition into a different season, our bodies require different nourishment to adapt. By learning the right foods to eat at this periods of time can greatly improve our immunity and strengthen the body’s defenses against external pathogens and environmental stimuli. Sometimes, these stimuli can heighten our emotions by causing stress, anxiety, anger, and sorrow. This disrupted emotional equilibrium can frequently lead to hormonal imbalances in the body that lead to chronic conditions. In times like these, it is important to listen to our body.

Learn the 4 Core Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A balanced body is the key

Although the body possesses astounding self-healing abilities, sometimes it may need help. When we abuse our bodies with unhealthy lifestyle choices or fall sick, cells become destroyed and are unable to function properly to heal themselves.

This is when Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques come into play. Using Chinese herbs, acupuncturemoxibustiontuina massage, cupping, scraping, or a combination of all, Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies the imbalance in the body and strives to restore balance to the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can be applied to a vast majority of health issues and is suitable for everyone to practice. The external human body is constantly providing clues to its internal state of health. In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches you to interpret these signs correctly and make the best decision for treatment. The wisdom behind this ancient healing system will transform your health with its unique principles to wellbeing.


The human body is designed to heal itself

The human body is made up of 30-40 trillion of cells. Cells innately have the ability to heal itself and make new cells, thus replacing those cells that have been damaged or destroyed. However as we age, the body’s system deteriorates and becomes weak and inefficient. When a foreign object such as an acupuncture needle is inserted into the body, the body responds by healing the micro injury. As a result, new healthier cells are made.