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Our leading health warning systems and cell technology help predict your underlying health conditions and improve sub-health problems. Start taking charge of your health today.

Treatment benefits

Enhance immunity

Improve blood circulation

Relieve Muscle Tension


Restore cell functions

Cell Vibration

Skin Tightening

  • Integrative East & West Energetics Equipment

    The technology combines Chinese and Western medicine energy robots for the various benefits including:

    • Non-intrusive technology.
    • Self-tightening and lifting of the skin, tightening the fascia (the soft connective tissue that is located just below the skin).
    • Internal heat to relieve muscle adhesion and tension.
    • Activate cellular level movements of thousands of vibrations per second.

    Booking of at least a day prior is required.

    Online Trial Offer $349.00

    Time 60 mins

  • Ion Cell Frequency Machine 离子细胞振频仪

    Ion cell frequency machine uses the world’s most advanced cell vibration technology. In the high frequency capacitor field 27MHz , it can produce a constant 43 degree Celsius heating.

    Cell Vibration Technology
    The cell ions of the tissue produce ion loss, and ohm loss. These two losses causes the aged cells to be damaged and produce a constant 43 degrees Celsius heat.

    27MHz High Frequency Electric Technology
    The heat penetrates the entire body with 27MHz high frequency electro technology.

    360 Life Magnetic Technology
    Forming a 360 degree electromagnetic field around the human body, allowing the disordered cell ions to be reordered back to normal coordinates, restoring normal physiological function of cells and balancing the intracellular environment.

    Targeted Technology
    Focus on the specific area of body part and tissue cells, to have more targeted, accurate and efficient care.

    Enhance Sub-Health Conditions & Body Immunity System

    • Improve “Yang” Deficient Symptoms:
      Fear of cold, cold limbs, poor digestion, fatigue, poor quality of sleep with vivid dreams, uncomfortable menstruation, sub-fertile.
    • Improve “Qi” Deficient Symptoms:
      Excessive sweating, low energy, pale face, weak limbs, bloating, dizziness, poor immunity, easy to catch cold.

    *Equipment available at Chinatown only.

    Booking of at least a day prior is required.

    Online Trial Offer $640.00

    Time 60 mins

  • Postnatal Pelvic Care Equipment

    These are the working mechanism behind the machine. Firstly, vibration helps in lymphatic drainage with an increase in the flow of lymphatic fluid.

    Secondly, the energy stone releases infrared rays. Infrared rays penetrate 4 to 5 cm or more into the body allowing for deep heat, raising the body temperature from within thereby stimulating major bodily functions such as the cardiovascular system, immune system and lymphatic system. It also improves blood circulation and relieves menstrual pain.

    Thirdly, air compression bags have rhythmic compression and relaxation movements to help in relieving sagging hips.

    Other benefits include slimming of hip bone area with lifting effect, improving the problem of urine leakage, enuresis, and gynecological conditions.

    Booking of at least a day prior is required.

    Online Trial Offer $199.00

    Time Session