TCM Facials And Aesthetics

Do you believe that a healthy body equates healthy skin? If you are fans of Chinese celebrities, at one point of time, you may have found yourself exclaiming about how flawless and glowing their skins are.

That is because on top of modern aesthetic treatments, they are also great at managing their internal health conditions and incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Concepts into their lifestyles – what we call: Glowing from the inside and out!

Balancing Your Qi

From a TCM perspective, your skin and physical appearance can indicate a great deal about your health conditions. Someone with a clear and glowing skin would be perceived as healthier than someone with a pimple or acne-filled skin because a glowing skin would mean that there is smooth circulation of qi and blood within the person’s body. On the contrary, a skin with pimples and other imperfections may be a tell-tale sign that the flow of qi and blood in your body may be obstructed or that other health issues may exist.

TCM practitioners believe that the whole body is viewed as a complex network of interconnected parts, otherwise known as qi, or energy. When the body’s qi is in balance, there would be minimal occurrences of skin troubles or body aches, and the body is therefore considered to be healthy.

Herbal Formulas

In view of this, the beauty industry has done their homework and successfully incorporated the concepts of TCM into facial and aesthetic treatments. Besides using herbal formulas in masks or facial creams, a traditional Chinese practitioner may also address acne, that may be due to hormonal imbalances or gut involvement, with herbs. Some universally beneficial herbs are chamomile tea to reduce facial redness and acne, tea tree to treat acne, honeysuckle to relieve rosacea and calendula to ease eczema symptoms.

Other than Chinese herbs, certain foods are also TCM-approved to maintain or improve one’s skin condition. For example, flaxseeds, sesame seeds and goji berries can help to moisten and enriches dry skin while adzuki beans and papaya can eliminate dampness in damp or oily skin. One can also add turmeric, oregano and green tea to your everyday diet easily. Turmeric can help to reduce inflammation and lighten hyperpigmentation, oregano promotes a healthy microbial balance, while the anti- inflammatory properties of green tea can reduce skin irritation, redness and swelling.


On top of herbs and foods, it is now increasingly common to include facial acupuncture as part of facial and aesthetic treatments. Acupuncture is a common TCM treatment used to alleviate muscle aches and improve health by ensuring smooth circulation of blood and qi around the body. Facial acupuncture (or cosmetic acupuncture), like the traditional acupuncture, works by inserting sterilized, single-use, hair-like needles onto specific meridian points on the face. When these needles puncture the skin, micro wounds are created activating the body’s repair mode; thereby stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells and nourishing them. This treatment not only helps to even out the complexion but also encourages collagen production and improve elasticity (reducing fine lines and wrinkles).

Healthy Lifestyle

Depending on the individual’s skin condition, aestheticians may also include some modern treatments on top of facial acupuncture to treat targeted areas or to support the treatment process. Clients may also be required to adjust their lifestyles from improving their sleep patterns to eating well for better gut health and keeping their emotional balance in check. All of which will serve to supplement the facial treatment process.

TCM Facial Treatments

Highly raved treatments recently are the Meridian Bojin Facial Treatment and Guasha Treatment. During the facial treatment, an experienced therapist uses an ox horn tool (made from jade, stone, or horn) and presses on specific meridian points on the face to unblock obstructions in the meridian channels flowing under. This allows for improved blood circulation, thereby creating a lifting effect and adding a healthy glow to your skin. Besides physical results such as diminished dark eye circles, reduction in wrinkles, and a glowing complexion, this treatment also helps with insomnia and headaches, improves lymphatic draining for detoxification, and loosens the meridian and facial nerve system.

Finally, the beauty industry is slowly but surely turning to a more natural approach to facials and aesthetics by incorporating the concepts of TCM and acupuncture into modern aesthetic treatments. Also, by understanding the connection between the skin, personal care routines, and diets, isn’t it hard to not be able to achieve good skin? Book a facial appointment with us via WhatsApp at 9230 0355.