SOD Resilient Eye Cream



Product Feature:

  • Pre Nano molecule-elasticity fine collagen essence which able to reach the dermis layer of the skin.
  • Fibroblast the synthesis of the collagen, help to slow down the natural ageing process for the eye area.
  • Reconstructing the fine and delicate elasticity of the eye muscles and help to reduce fine lines.
  • Restore the fullness and tenderness of the eyes.
  • The skin elasticity of the eye area is greatly enhanced therefore the eye area will look defined and lifted.


Live Enzyme, Chamomile, Vitamin K, Tuberous root of Polygonum multiflorum, Primitive collagen


After cleansing of the skin, use sparingly on the eye area. Apply the essence on the four corners of the eye essence and gently pat to ensure it is absorbed thoroughly.