Maintaining A Healthy Digestive System With TCM

Gastrointestinal TCM Singapore

A functioning digestive system is important in maintaining a healthy body. Known as the “second brain”, our gut contains loads of healthy bacteria that make hormones, clear away waste, provide cells with nourishment, and works with the immune system to fight off bad bacteria.

An unbalanced gut microbiome not only affects your gut health but also affects other organs and systems in the body. This can manifest as skin rashes, weight gain, depression, stress, bloating, food allergies, acid reflux, fatigue, and constipation.

The Digestive System – A Crucial Component

In TCM, the digestive system is considered a crucial component of the body due to its ability to break down food, absorb nutrients, feed the cells, and clear away waste products. From a TCM perspective, indigestion is caused by the accumulation of food in the stomach. Improper feeding, over-eating, and having a weak digestive system can lead to indigestion.

Stomach & Spleen

TCM believes the stomach and spleen are most active in the morning between 7 am and 11 am, hence you should have your largest meals during this period. Eat a full breakfast and taper down throughout the day by having smaller meals for lunch and dinner. In fact, eating late-night suppers actually stresses out your digestive system by taking up more energy, and this can easily lead to obesity and indigestion.

As the digestive system weakens, nutrients are not properly absorbed, and you may observe vomiting, appetite loss, and diarrhea. Especially for young children, their digestion is noticeably weaker as the spleen is not yet fully developed.

Eat More Cooked Warm Food

External coldness in the form of chilled or uncooked food causes digestion problems such as diarrhea, appetite loss, and stomach cramps. The body transforms food into nutrients by heating it with “digestive fire”, and this is why cooked foods are easily digested by the body, while cold raw foods make the stomach work harder to break down and digest.

For this reason, limit cold and raw food such as ice creams and salads to avoid taxing your digestive system, and try to eat more cooked warm food.

What to Eat to Boost Gut Health

You can boost your gut health by eating digestive-friendly foods such as rice, cinnamon, hawthorn, and tangerine peel. Rice is easy to digest and gentle on the stomach, and it cleanses the body by clearing dampness. Cinnamon bark (rou gui) is warm in nature and can help digestion by nourishing the spleen. Hawthorn berry strengthens the spleen, lowers cholesterol, increases blood circulation, and burns fat faster. Tangerine peel works best for treating diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. It also expels dampness and phlegm.

TCM Treatments to Boost Gut Health

Joyre offers several TCM treatments that help build a stronger digestive system.

One is Gastrointestinal Care treatment, which focuses on abdominal massage, that will dispel cold and wind in your stomach. Next, Tuina therapy, an ancient TCM massage that focuses on acupressure points to ease blocked qi.  Acupuncture can help promote regular bowel movements and improve digestion.

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