How To Get Natural V-Shape Small Face?

One of the most popular beauty trends is getting a V-shape and a small face. And there are plenty of tips available such as

  • Eating a balanced diet rich in lean protein and whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Stretching those facial muscles through exercises.
  • Simile more to relax your facial muscles and lose face fats.
  • Limiting the consumption of processed foods.

While most of them would work to a certain extend, however maybe you wish that the effects could be more pronounced to meet your expectations. Luckily for you, we got the latest most effective technique all the way from Japan!

Watch a sneak peek of the technique: How is Japanese Small Face Therapy being done?

Benefits of Japanese Small Face Therapy

Especially beneficial for those seeking a smaller face without invasive surgery. Japanese Small Face Therapy achieve long-lasting results such as:

  • Nose bridge adjustment
  • Bone adjustment for uneven face
  • V-shape lifting
  • Narrow Mandibular
  • Bright, radiant skin complexion

Japanese small face therapy is also not that painful as compared to other well-known practices such as golki therapy. In golki therapy, therapists can go quite hard on you to manually stimulate the bones and muscles to help rebalance or resize the face.

Instead of that, in Japanese Small Face Therapy, the therapist assesses your current facial structures and adjusts or corrects them to its natural, and balanced state. Therapists work on correcting the facial bones that have moved out of their natural place due to improper daily postures or the effect of aging. This gives a softer approach to complement the hard strength required. And that is what makes Japanese Small Face Therapy a more favorable and less painful option.

Reduces Water Retention

The therapy also reduces water retention through acupressure massage techniques. The massage increases blood circulation, draining off excess water and toxins. This allows your face to reduce in size almost immediately. Besides that, it also works on your lymphatic system to get rid of fluids and toxins faster, enabling you to enjoy more bloat-free days.

High expertise required: Understanding Your Facial Bone Structure

A comprehensive understanding of the facial and head bone structure is necessary to administer the session. Our therapist has also to undergo a week of intensive training by overseas experts from Japan before qualified to do this therapy.