How Is Herbal Spa Good For Your Health & Skin?

Soaking in a warm herbal spa may be delightfully relaxing, but did you know herbal spa has a host of physical and mental benefits as well?

Depending on which herbs you choose, the benefits may include eliminating congestion, promoting better sleep, or relieving body aches and pain.

Herbal spas have been practiced since ancient times for kings and queens. It was revered for its health and beauty benefits. As the name suggests, herbal spas are basically made by infusing a hot bath with functional herbs, essential oils, and flowers.

The warm water helps relax tense muscles, while steam from the hot water helps open up pores and flush out toxins in the body via perspiration. The heat also helps to break up stubborn fats and water retention underneath the skin, allowing for a slimmer and more toned-looking appearance.

Herbs & Essential Oils For Herbal Spa

Some popular herbs and essential oils that are added to herbal spas include lavender, rosemary, and fennel. Knowing the unique healing properties of each herb can help you decide which herbs best suits your needs.

  • Basil: An energizing herb that preps you for the day ahead. Add orange zest for an extra mood booster.
  • Chamomile: A relaxing herb that eliminates stress and anxiety to help you sleep
  • Lavender: The ultimate sleep herb for combating insomnia and excessive thinking
  • Eucalyptus: Great for banishing cold and flu, as well as acting as a decongestant to help you breathe easier
  • Sage: Relaxes tense muscles
  • Fennel: Helps combat acne and oily skin issues
  • Rosemary: Relieves congestion as well as body aches and pain
  • Calendula: Treats wounds and soothes dry skin. Also, ideal for treating rashes and irritated skin.

TCM Perspective of a Herbal Spa

In TCM, herbal spas have four functions: dredge, excrete, tonify, and helps the body recuperate.

The first step is to remove wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire from the body, also known as Six Evils in TCM.

The Six Evils arise from our choice of diet, lifestyle, seasonal changes, and our own body constitution that disrupt the balance of qi in the body, causing pain and illnesses. Once these Six Evils have been eliminated from the body, the next step is to treat the internal organs and balance the qi flow in the body.

As you soak in the warm herbal spa, the concoctions of herbs will restore Yang energy which increases your body’s vitality.

Relax & Detox Your Body

At Joyre TCMedi Spa, our signature herbal spa is a three-step treatment that removes excess toxins from the body. Also known as the 3-in-3 bath, our herbal spa takes 3 hours to prepare and is infused with over 100 different herbs originating from an ancient Oriental recipe that was used by emperors.