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Did you know that the eye is the most important sensory organ in our body? Almost 80% of our sense of the world is perceived through the eyes.

Eyes Singapore TCM
Acupressure points are meridian energy points that correlate to a particular organ. Any obstruction in the energy flow causes illnesses and diseases to occur. In this case, it’s the eyes! Acupressure points around the eyes are particularly beneficial for eye-related problems. By applying pressure around these acupressure points, we can relieve pain and eye ailments by relaxing the eye muscles and increasing the flow of blood to the eye area.

In this article, we will be looking at the eye acupressure points, and how stimulating these points can enhance better eye health.

1. Zan Zhu Point (UB-2)Zan Zhu Point (UB-2)This acupressure point is located at the tip of both eyebrows, along the inner eye area. UB-2 is mainly used for relieving sinus congestion and itchy, watery, or red eyes caused by allergies. Massage this point for 3 minutes to treat glaucoma, night blindness, headaches, and myopia.

2. Si Zhu Kong Point (SJ-23)
Si Zhu Kong Point (SJ-23)
This acupressure point is located at the tail-end of both eyebrows, away from the eyes. Use this acupressure point to soothe migraines and headaches, which relate back to eye strain.

3. Cheng Qi Point (ST-1)
Cheng Qi Point (ST-1)

Located directly under the center of the eye, this acupressure point treats symptoms of conjunctivitis, redness, swelling, twitching, and pain in the eye.

4. Yang Bai Point (GB-14)
Yang Bai
The Yang Bai point is located above the left eye, on the left side of the forehead. Not only does it relieves headaches, but also reduces eye twitching, drooping of the eyes, and even glaucoma when acupressure is applied to this point.

5. Yu Yao Point (Ex-HN4)
Yu Yao
The Yu Yao point is located at the midpoint of the eyebrow, right above the pupils of the eyes. Applying pressure to this point helps to soothe the eyes’ redness, swelling, pain, superficial visual obstruction, and eyelid twitching. Headaches may also be relieved.

Aside from knowing the acupressure points are located, it is also crucial to use the proper technique to administer the massage. Firm pressure should be used in a circular motion for the acupressure massage to work, but not hard enough to cause pain. After that, you should aim to hold the acupressure point for 10 seconds, before releasing and pausing for the same amount of time. This process can be repeated on the same acupressure point 5-10 times, depending on the severity of the eye condition. Above all, remember to take deep breaths and breathe!

By doing these acupressure self-massage techniques, most people can improve and even maintain good eyesight until they are well into their golden years.