10 Benefits Of TCM Herbal Spa


Based on The Emperor’s Inner Canon, when people are sick due to the external invasion, they are bathed in hot water to exorcise through sweating it out.

The healing effect of Herbal SPA has come a long way from our ancestors. This medicine bath came from one of the oldest ethnic groups in China- The Yao or maybe even earlier than recorded. There are numerous benefits of herbal spa such as:

1. Perspiration and detoxification

Herbal Spa accelerates the secretion of sweat glands and accelerates the metabolism of toxins, thereby achieving the effect of detoxification.

2. Stimulate blood circulation and enhance immunity

Herbal spa can improve blood circulation, lymph circulation, meridian, qi and blood circulation. This helps to balance the endocrine system, increase immunity, prevent diseases, and hence achieving longevity.

3. Postpartum repair

Maternal women can take the herbal bath and recover their vitality quickly. It promotes the repair and contraction of the birth canal and uterus, prevent gynecological diseases and is anti-inflammatory. Mothers can go back to their usual daily routines and recover much faster in health.

4. Anti-itching and treating various skin diseases

Dry skin, itching, peeling and other symptoms can be alleviated and mostly eliminated in roughly 1 to 5 baths depending on the severity of the conditions.

5. Achieve a radiant, tender and moisturized skin complexion

Herbal spa can open pores, expel skin toxins, remove yellow and white skin tones, accelerate pigment reduction metabolism. It can make the skin instantly become delicate and smooth, fair, and charming. Consistently bathing 1-2 times a week can achieve long-lasting skin anti-aging effects without any botox or surgery needed.

6. Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Soaking the herbs bath for five minutes will speed up the heartbeat and pulse. (One bath is equivalent to a long run of 3 hours) Hence, Herbal bath greatly improves microcirculation and increases blood oxygen content. This reduces the occurrence of high-risk diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

7. Promote gastrointestinal movements and aid digestion

Gastrointestinal movements and sounds become much faster and louder after the bath. This is great to expel gas (fart) and clear your bowel. It strengths your stomach and spleen to help stimulate healthy digestion, absorption and elimination processes.

8. Lose fats and weight loss; expel wind, cold and dampness in the body

Herbal spa can cool down liver fire and accelerate the secretion of bile. Bile helps to break down fats into small droplets with larger surface areas and hence aid in weight loss. It can also help in relieving rheumatism, arthritis conditions by reducing muscle and joint pains.

9. Improve sleep quality, calming and soothing nerve

Herbal spa can quickly eliminate fatigue, and help calm and soothe the nerves. It is easy to fall asleep after bathing, and your quality of sleep can be much improved. Enjoy waking up the next day with a clear mind and comfortable body.

10. Improving sub-health

Herbal spa removes cold, wind and dampness which are the cause of illnesses in the body. Therefore, it is effective in improving sub-health and chronic diseases. For example, it helps in removing blood stasis, treating cold limbs and weak body constitutions, and eliminating fatigue.

Herbal spa gives people beauty and health. You’ll be surprised to see many longevity people of Yao nationality where the women’s skin looks beautiful and fair, and the old people look young!

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