healthy blood pressure

Lower Your Blood Pressure With TCM Health Tips

High blood pressure 高血压 or Hypertension refers to the condition in which the blood is pumped around the body at too high a pressure.

Besides TCM Treatments or prescriptions, you can also start with some simple TCM self-care tips.


How To Improve Your Sleep At Night?

Insomnia or chronic insomnia may cause changes in mood, lack of motivation and energy, irritability, decrease immune function and more.

Besides TCM Treatments or prescriptions, you can also start with some simple TCM self-care tips.

immunity boost

Self-Care Tips For Health During Coronavirus

Besides protecting yourself by washing hands frequently, and wearing of mask when going out to buy necessities, we also need to take care of our health by maintaining a healthy immune system.

small v shape face

How to get natural V-shape small face?

One of the most popular beauty trend is getting a V-shape and small face. And there are plenty of tips available such as…

children massage

Learn 4 techniques to safely massage your kid at home

Pediatric head massage or tuina helps to

  • Relieve common flu
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Increase bonding with your kid
  • Improve sensory awareness
tcm tuina yong quan acupoint on kidney channel

TCM Tips To Taking Care Of Your Kidney

All of the blood in your body passes through the kidney several times a day. The kidney removes waste products from the blood and regulates the water fluid levels in the body. 

A simple way you can take charge of your kidney’s heath is to massage a acupressure point called “Yongquan”.

Herbal spa bath

10 benefits of TCM Herbal Bath

Based on the The Emperor’s Inner Canon, when people are sick due to the external invasion, they are bathed in hot water to exorcise through sweating it out.

The healing effect of Herbal SPA has come a long way…


Case Study: Meridian Detox & Moxibustion Facial Treatment

Meridian Detox and Moxibustion facial treatment that helps to unblock blockages, the skin can have an instant breath of vitality.

emotion organ chart

How are your emotions related to health?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are seven emotions 七情 that affects the health of the five internal organs 五脏. The emotions are namely:

the six evils in tcm

What are the “6 Evils” in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes “Six evils” that can affect the energetic and physical systems of our bodies and create imbalances. They are namely:


Case Study: Dermalle Anti-Wrinkle Hydrating Facial Treatment

Dermalle Shuiguang Needle has the equivalent effect of many pieces of facial mask application. It can improve skin laxity, enhance flexibility, fade fine lines, and eliminate wrinkles.

There are two types of wrinkles mentioned.