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Pioneer And Leader In Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine With Modern Spa Treatments To Deliver Total Wellness To All

Joyre is a pioneer in integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern spa treatments and beauty aesthetics services while adopting advanced biomedical technology. At Joyre, we believe that beauty is cultivated from the inside to the outside. Our personalised treatments are designed to match each individual’s body constitution and lifestyle to bring about a sense of balance and total wellness.

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From One to 10 Outlets, Guided By Excellence Service Motto

Joyre started off its first beauty salon, named Jia Le Beauty, in 1998. Since then, Joyre has grown to 10 outlets in Singapore with over 100 employees. Placing customers’ total wellness as the top priority with a great service attitude of  “One Good Deed A Day”, has been a guiding principle for our working staff in Joyre. Word-of-mouth referrals and long-term customers exemplify excellent customer service experience at Joyre.

Refreshed with a new brand name, JOYRE TCMedi Spa in 2015, Joyre now offers and a comprehensive n extensive menu range of face and body treatments. Joyre has helped more than ten thousand customers achieve total wellness from inside out, beyond skin-deep beauty aesthetics. It has a team of certified Chinese physicians who can give customers medical consultation and Chinese medicine prescription. Joyre strongly advocates Total Wellness; a clean and balanced body and mind, that will bring true joy to one and also to one’s family.

Joyre delivers its excellent health solutions with authentic ingredients personally sourced by our founding director, Miss Queenie Yang. The chain has uses its own range of health and beauty products with a focus on the unique needs of Singapore’s tropical climate, combined with the Ancient China Herbal Natural Medicine.

Healing Powers Of A Warm Bath, Added Health Benefits Through Ancient Herb Blend

In recent years, our Millennium Ancient Herbs Bath has been gaining popularity among Singapore customers. It promotes longevity and good health, helps to rid of all pain and other common health issues. As it removes toxins from the body, it helps to alleviate rheumatism and gynecological inflammation. Using more than ten different types of herbal remedies, JOYRE TCMedi Spa is the first beauty group in Singapore specialising in this inherited gem from the Yao ethnic group ancestors.

What is Yang Sheng?

Yang Sheng (养生) originally came from the Taoist, where various methods were adopted to enhance physical fitness, and prevent diseases to achieve longevity. Yang (养)means maintenance, and nourishment; Sheng (生) means life, survival, and growth. Yang Sheng is the maintenance of the five internal organs to achieve longevity and support life, not forgetting a healthy state of mind.

Joyre has incorporated four aspects of Yang Sheng to sustain life.

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Movements are essential for health, Joyre organises Salsation, K-pop, Zumba, Yoga classes to allow the body to get moving and build up our immune, blood and qi circulation.

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Apart from free consultation of dietary recommendations depending on the Ying / Yang of our body constitutions, Joyre also serves our customers with flower tea, snacks, home-cook desserts.

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Natural herbs without artificial preservatives. Joyre has incorporated the effects of herbal medicine into our Herbal oil, TCM prescription of medication, Herbal SPA, Herbal pillow and more.

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Many years of experience and training of therapists in TuiNa massage, moxibustion, Acupuncture, Herbal SPA, and operating of advanced biomedical Instruments.