Shou Wu Shampoo 首乌洗发液

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Product Feature

This product uses traditional Chinese herbs formula and integrates modern biotechnology, especially adding various nutrients such as Gleditsia sinensis, polygonum multiflorum extract, sodium hyaluronate and more. It can gently clean hair, balance the PH value of the scalp, and relieve the scalp. Best use for removing oil, dandruff and relieve of itching.


Exclusive formula 独家配方

Main functions:

Clean scalp, clean hair follicles, remove grease, activate hair follicle cell regeneration, promote blood circulation of scalp, repair damaged hair. The effect of removing oil, dandruff and itching is particularly obvious.

主要功效: 清洁头皮,清洁毛囊,去油脂,激活毛囊细胞再生,促进头皮血液循环修护受损头发,养生养发护发三效合一。祛油,去屑止痒效果特别明显。

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Water, sodium lauryl alcohol polyether sulfate, coconut oil amide betaine, sodium chloride, sunflower seed oil glyceride, Gleditsia sinensis, polygonum multiflorum extract, sodium hyaluronate and more.


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Apply appropriate amount on your hair, gently massage for a moment, and use it once a day.

使用说明: 取适量产品涂抹于头发上,轻轻按摩片刻即可,每天使用一次。


If enter the eye carelessly, rinse it immediately with plenty of clean water.



Store in a cool and dry place.


5 reviews for Shou Wu Shampoo 首乌洗发液

  1. 美琪


  2. Katherine

    I have been hunting for a good shampoo for my oily hair. Previous shampoos I have used for my oily hair dried my scalp so bad and made my hair look super frizzy. For that reason I only wash my hair every other day. I needed a shampoo that cleanses the oil thoroughly but moisturizes my hair as well. I saw this product being advertised and decided to give it a try. First time I used it, I noticed a difference right away. My hair feels so soft and hydrated after using!

  3. Jennifer

    Bought this for my mum, she has gone to various hair care salons… So I got a bottle of this for her to try and within the first few washes, she noticed less hair fall in the shower when she washer her hair. Now she is asking me to buy more. lol.

  4. Zara

    This stuff is absolutely fantastic! I’ve had dandruff on and off all my life. I decided to give this a try and with just a few washes a week, I got rid of all my dandruff. My scalp has also stopped itching that often!!

  5. Madeline

    This shampoo is really good. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and my hair becomes less white and looks much healthier

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