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Bojin Facial is the perfect complement to your anti-ageing facial treatment regime.

Bojin Facial is a form of acupressure facial massage that is holistic, non-invasive, and painless with plenty of health benefits. Acupressure facial massage is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts, which stimulates pressure points to ease pain, lower stress and enhance your overall wellness.

Acupressure points are specific areas around the body that “qi” flows and gathers. A blockage at these points usually results in body pain, aches and stiffness. By applying pressure at these acupressure points, you can alleviate the pain by unblocking the meridian channels and regulating the flow of “qi”. Soft but firm pressure (but not hard enough to leave marks!) is used for at least 30 seconds on each point until you feel a mild throb or release in tension.

How does Bojin Facial Works?

Joyre TCMedi Spa: Meridian Bojin FacialOur face is a reflection of our body. Imbalances in the body often show up on our face as skin issues. For instance, dark eye circles may relate to lack of sleep or liver issues, while skin redness could be traced back to stomach issues.

Acupressure points on the face have been used to ease all sorts of ailments such as blocked nose, headaches and fever. In fact, acupressure massage is often used in dental care to reduce pain in a non-invasive way.

Bojin Facial uses the pointed ends of ox horn, jade or stone tools to massage acupressure points on your face to open up blockages in the meridian channel. For instance, the pointed tip point is used to locate acupressure points and reach deep into the muscle tissue to release muscle tension. The arc point is suitable for massaging around the eye area, while the concave side of the tool is used for contouring the face and jawline.

Bojin is often linked to guasha – both techniques are rooted in similar TCM theory, however, Bojin does not cause the redness that results from guasa scrapping.

Acupressure Points on Face

There are several acupressure points located on the face. Each point corresponds to a different organ and has different benefits when stimulated.

L120 (Ying Xiang)

Joyre TCMedi Spa: Meridian Bojin Facial

Located in the nasolabial fold (the groove beside both of your nostrils), massage it for expelling wind and heatiness, clearing nasal passageways and runny nose.

DU26 (Ren Zhong)

Joyre TCMedi Spa: Meridian Bojin Facial

Located right in the centre above your lips and below your nose, pressing this acupressure point helps you focus better by calming the mind.

EX-HN 3 (Yintang)

Joyre TCMedi Spa: Meridian Bojin Facial

Known as the “third eye”, Yintang is located right between your eyebrows. Stimulating this acupressure point decreases anxiety and improves the quality of sleep.

ST-02 (Si Bai)

Joyre TCMedi Spa: Meridian Bojin Facial

Located directly below the pupil of your eyes and near the cheekbone, stimulating this spot is great for reducing acne and skin blemishes.

EX-HN 5 (Taiyang)

Joyre TCMedi Spa: Meridian Bojin Facial

Located in the depression on both sides of the temple, massaging this acupressure point reduces headaches, dizziness and vision problems.

SJ21 (Er Men)

Joyre TCMedi Spa: Meridian Bojin Facial

Located in the depression anterior to the supratragic notch, right above the tragus (“flap”) of the ear canal. This acupressure point is great for relieving toothaches, tinnitus and ear pain.

SJ17 (Yi Feng)

Joyre TCMedi Spa: Meridian Bojin Facial

Located behind the earlobe, this acupressure point relieves symptoms of facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy, post-stroke), swollen lymph nodes and toothache.

Correctly finding these pressure points is no easy feat, and it does take time and sufficient practice to perfect the Bojin Facial technique. Experienced therapists will be able to accurately detect the acupressure points and get to the root cause of your skin’s problems, thus restoring balance to your skin.

Bojin Facial Benefits

Joyre TCMedi Spa: Meridian Bojin FacialBojin Facial promotes lymphatic drainage, blood circulation to detox the build-up fluids that cause facial bloating, dull skin and uneven skin tone. Massaging the facial acupressure points therefore increase skin luminosity and suppleness, eliminates clogged pores and minimize pore size.

Our skin loses collagen as we age, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. By using Bojin techniques, muscles can be brought to a state of relaxation that limits the formation of wrinkles and lines. In many cases, these tense muscles can be the source of headaches and pain, and massaging these points helps to relax the body and reduce stress.

As we get older, the muscles around the cheeks and neck tend to get weaker and lose their tone as well. Bojin Facial works better than the standard beauty fillers and Botox as it also your weak muscles for a lifting effect and a slimmer face.

Now that you’ve read about the benefits of acupressure massage for youthful face, aren’t you keen to give it a try?

Joyre TCMedi Spa is offering first-time customers a 90 minutes Meridian Detox Bojin Facial treatment for only $58 (U.P. $398). Drop us a call at 9230 0355 or click here to book your appointment with us, and get ready to walk out with a slimmer jawline and brighter complexion!