Dermalle Anti-wrinkle Hydrating Facial Treatment

Shuiguang Needle has the equivalent effect of many pieces of facial mask application. It can improve skin laxity, enhance flexibility, fade fine lines, and eliminate wrinkles. There are two types of wrinkles mentioned. False wrinkles are thin and short wrinkles around the eyes and corners of the mouth. When the facial muscles are relaxed, these wrinkles will tend to disappear. This type of wrinkles is mainly caused by aging, habitual expression, lack of moisture on the skin, and a lack of sleep. Application of the Shuiguang Needle and Oxygen Mask helps to instantly see the effects of false wrinkles removal by hydrating the skin and maintaining its elasticity. Deep wrinkles are usually takes longer to be removed, they looks tough on the skin, and has been on the skin for a long time. If the false lighter wrinkles are not dealt with, they have a tendency to become deep wrinkles.

Meridian Detox & Moxibustion Facial Treatment

Moxibustion treatment is very effective to treating joint pain and other health issues such as infertility and menstrual cramps and more. The “heat” treatment from Moxibustion allow the “chi” (气) to flow in the body improving blood circulation. Along with our unique Meridian facial treatment that helps to unblock blockages, the skin can have an instant breath of vitality. Non Intrusive Treatment
This is achieved under a single session. Book a session with our in-house therapists today.